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I created niluu
with the idea that we can have the things we love and support a sustainable future for our planet.

niluu's products are made from certified-vegan "silk" a rich fabric reminiscent of the heavy silk once reserved for kings and queens.  Our vegan "silk" looks and feels just like silk, but without all the drawbacks.  No silkworms are killed , and no animal proteins are used in the production process.  Traditional silk production results in thousands of silkworms killed for a single piece of clothing.  Also, and surprisingly, most vegetable based or synthetic fabrics are treated with softeners and dyes containing animal sourced components. 


At niluu we are working with suppliers that can certify their Vegan production and also are leaders in sustainability principles. The end result is a fantastic fabric that is more luxurious than most commercial silk but that can be machine washed for easy care. The fabric is created from a byproduct of the cotton harvest that is customarily disposed of and, in some cases, also from cellulose from sustainable forests.  It is then manufactured in state-of-the-art closed-loop facilities with minimum energy and water while also ensuring fair labor conditions.

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