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Hello, I am Nilüfer!
I am a designer and an entrepreneur. 
A former professional volleyball player still obsessed with fitness. A mother and wife hoping to contribute to a better future for our planet while creating opportunities for women in my native country of Turkey.

I created this site to chronicle my latest adventure, which is to start a company and a luxury brand. The catch is that I am working with amazing suppliers from Turkey that are truly innovative and socially responsible. Imagine biodegradable textiles that feel amazing and are even better than silk.  Not only can we talk about Vegan fabrics, but I also count on suppliers committed to the social well being of their communities with fair salaries, employment policies and job opportunities for women. This feels like a dream to me. 


I was born in a small town outside Istanbul.  At 6'2" tall, I grew up as an outsider who felt like she really didn't belong.  But I was also so interested and excited about the world at large and decided that I wouldn't have been able to fulfill my dreams if I stayed behind.  Even then, I would look at fashion magazines and imagine how cool it would be to work in that world.

Luckily, I was good at Volleyball.  I was recruited by the top Istanbul team at age 14.  I played there for 5 years, enduring the harsh training regimen imparted by Turkish and Russian coaches.  I was good but also outspoken and rebellious.  I wanted to take my chances in America and was lucky enough to be recruited to play here.

In the US, I studied interior and fashion design; worked as an interior designer in New York City; met my husband; had a child and all of a sudden everything was on hold.  I have since done different things.  I unapologetically embraced fashion working as a stylist first and then creating a handmade beachwear line.  Being a mother made me more sensitive to different things.  I abhor animal cruelty but, more broadly, I also see how important it is to make our world sustainable.  

With my new company (and adventure) I put it all together: my aesthetics and creativity; my love of fashion and beautiful things; and my desire to make a difference for the things I care about.  What about fitness, you ask! That never ends. I just have to put in the hours to keep sane and strong.  

Hope you enjoy and please visit the niluu page to learn more about my company

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